first posts are hard, but brownies are not.

Like, for reals though.

I debated hiding behind a recipe for this inaugural post, but I’m just going to let it all hang out. And let me tell you, it’s gonna be low and uneven. Ew. Moving on!

In any case, hello! I’m Demeter. And that’s Erik across the monitor from me. I’m the Beaming Baker and he’s the Beaming Eater, amongst other things. Together, we’ve been reading and lurking through food blogs for years.  I’ve been baking, cooking, cursing (some recipes so did not turn out well) and poorly photographing goodies for ages. Erik’s been eating, also cursing (you know why) and wrinkling his brow with intelligence while critiquing my photos.

So instead of dreaming, we’re gonna start doing.

And… maybe even make some brownies.

Contrary to popular (does the two of us count?) belief, this blog is not just going to feature baked delights, it’s also going to include all kinds of other recipes too. 🙂 Naturally, our recipes will focus on natural ingredients (see what I did there?), plant-based meals, and loads of other good stuff.

Are you ready? We may or may not be. Either way…

Let’s do this!

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    1. Aw… Evi. <3 For the rest of time, you'll always be the first person to comment on my first post. I'm so happy we became friends. Let's look back to this post in 10 years. Pinky swear! xo