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Hey everybody, Erik here again. If you have no idea who I am, check out this post. (TL;DR: I’m Demeter’s partner in crime/life/blogging who sometimes hates peanut butter.) Today is a very exciting day, because we are officially launching the Travel section of Beaming Baker! . Huzzah!

As you may know, Demeter and I have been super excited about this for ages, and we’re beyond thrilled right now. Like, BEYOND. Travel is one of our true passions in life, and it really means a lot that we’re going to be able to share it with you.

Me and Demeter at the Nickelodeon Experience amusement park inside the Mall of America. Just a little taste of the awesome travel adventures we’ll be going on, and sharing with you. 🙂

Demeter: Hiya! First of all, how exciting is it that the legendary Erik—man that I’ve been poking fun at, loving with all my peanut-butter-devoted heart, and the best biz-naz, life partner ever—is going to start writing for BB?

He’s kind, gentle, intellectually gifted (heck yeah, this is sooo a B99 reference) and just… wonderful. I’m so excited for you to get to know him, us, and join us on our travels around the world. Who’s ready for this?!? Let’s dive in!

For the last several months, we’ve been low-key polling you over on Instagram and here on the blog, figuring out what kind of travel content you’d want to see from us. We love all of your ideas and can’t wait to hear more!

In the meantime, here’s a little breakdown of what you can expect from the new BB Travel Section.

What Will Be in Beaming Baker Travel

Short answer: all kinds of awesome travel-y type stuff. This is something that’s definitely going to grow and evolve over time—both based on the feedback you share with us, and based on what we learn and experience during our future travels.

For now, posts are going to fall into a few general categories:

  • Travel Tips (things we think will help you during traveling)
  • City Guides (fun things to do in a specific city)
  • Travel Diaries (Demeter’s chance to become a wannabe NatGeo photographer aka beautiful scenic views & droolworthy food pics)
  • Vegan Restaurant Guides (some of our favorite vegan eats in the places we visit)
  • Gear Reviews/Recommendations (travel products we think you’d like)
  • And more 🙂

We’re also going to share lots of pics from our trips over on our Instagram. So be sure to follow us there so you don’t miss out! 🙂

Are you excited? I hope so, because there’s going to be some really great stuff in the weeks to come that I for sure know you’re going to enjoy.

In the meantime, let us know what you’d like to see in this new Travel section. Is there a specific city or country you think we should visit? A piece of gear you’d like some recommendations on? Really, anything you want to see, just let us know.

Until next time…

Travel safe, and remember to have some fun!

– Erik .

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  1. Hey, I love that you guys are getting into travel posts! Travel is one of my big loves, and learning about other people’s experiences is fun. My hubby and I get out of the USA to experience new places, people, cultures etc. as often as we can. We travel VERY economically (camping, air bnb, hostels etc.) Which has enabled us to have some pretty fun adventures together. I know you guys will too, and i look forward to reading about it. Happy Trails!! 🙂

    Heidi C.

    1. Hey Heidi! You know I always love hear about your travels! What’s your favorite economical accommodation—camping, Airbnb’s or hostels? We can’t wait to share it all with you!! Happy Trails to you as well! Xoxo

  2. How fun!! We love traveling, so I look forward to seeing all your fun ideas, tips, & anything else you share!

  3. Travel! Well, I am going on a cruise soon. So hoping they have vegan food choices. Do you all have any experience with cruising? Since it is my first cruise – I know nothing about the ins and outs and tips for this type of vacation. Any suggestions are appreciated! Love your blog!

    1. Hi Christine! Darn, I totally don’t! I’m actually planning on asking readers if they’re into it—if so, Erik and I want to go! Let me know how yours goes. Have a wonderful, fun and safe trip! Xoxo

  4. You mentioned you will be highlighting Vegan Restaurants. What about gluten free restaurants and/or gluten free options at restaurants you visit? How “safe” are those restaurants that offer gluten free options for Celiac folks??

  5. Good Morning,

    I’m really excited for your new venture and looking forward to reading your content. I would love to hear more about the National Parks in the US and any insider tips to take visits to the next level of awesome.

    Thank you.

    1. Good morning Michelle! We’re so happy to hear it! . Ooh, visiting the national parks would definitely be loads of fun. And I definitely have a few ideas in mind to help get those trips to all kinds of new levels of awesome!