Chocolate Almond Bark – 3 Ingredients!

The easiest chocolate almond bark is made with 3 ingredients!

The best chocolate almond bark is made with thick pieces of indulgent almond bark packed with crunchy, roasted almonds and rich chocolate goodness. My favorite vegan almond bark is so simple and easy.

The Very Best Almond Bark, Made with the Simplest Recipe

Just when you think the craving for almonds and chocolate cannot truly be satisfied, it hits you: why not make almond bark? Today’s chocolate almond bark is one of my go-to chocolate recipes because it’s so easy to make and even easier to eat. I’ve also put together some of my favorite almond bark recipes so you can see the endless, delicious possibilities of almond bark!

Stack of chocolate almond bark pieces, with more strewn around it

What is Chocolate Almond Bark?

Chocolate almond bark is a type of sweet candy that features a whole lotta almonds. It’s made in one sheet of chocolate, then broken into smaller pieces for the just-right size of chocolate indulgence.

Almond Bark Ingredients

  • Chocolate Chips – if you want to make vegan almond bark, just make sure to use vegan chocolate chips. All other almond bark ingredients are good to go!
  • Coconut Oil – you can leave this one out, but I like how it gets your chocolate nice and smooth.
  • Almonds – I always use unsalted, roasted almonds because they have the best flavor without adding in any salt. If you’d like to add salt, I suggest sprinkling that on top of the almond bark once it’s all cooled and chilled.

Overhead shot of almond bark pieces recently cut and broken apart

How to Make Chocolate Almond Bark Like a Chocolatier (aka Chocolate Boss)

Wanna learn how to make the best chocolate almond bark ever? Have a seat and grab your favorite chocolate! (Might as well get some munching in while we learn, ya know?)

Line the Pan

First things first, grab your favorite small or medium baking sheet. Everyone has one, right? 😉 Then, line it with wax paper or parchment paper.


Melt the Chocolate

Next, melt your chocolate and coconut oil using the double boiler method or the microwave. Just make sure to stir it altogether until nice and smooth.

Glass mixing bowl filled with chocolate and coconut oil before melting for almond barkHand stirring melted chocolate in mixing bowl to prepare chocolate base for almond bark

Fold Almonds Into Melted Chocolate

Now, it’s almond time! Fold in roasted, unsalted almonds until all of the almonds are fully coated.

spatula folding almonds into melted chocolate for vegan almond bark


Pour Almond Bark Mixture

Pour your almond bark mixture onto the prepared sheet. Then, grab a clean spatula and spread it into an even layer. You can make your almond bark as thick or as thin as you’d like.

hand holding a bowl over baking sheet pouring melted chocolate almond bark mixture


Optionally, Top with Almonds

I love giving my almond bark that extra pop by topping it with more roasted almonds! Sprinkle almonds onto that layer of melted chocolate almond bark goodness, then press lightly down on each almond to ensure it embeds nicely. You can skip this step, but I feel that adding it in creates that extra wow factor. 🙂

finger pressing almonds into spread out melted chocolate almond bark


Refrigerate, Break, and Enjoy!

Place your sheet of melty soon-to-be almond bark into the refrigerator until firm. Once firm, peel off the parchment or wax paper and slice or break that sheet of chocolate almond goodness! You’re making the almond bark, baby! Now enjoy the best chocolate almond bark!

hand holding knife to cut sheet of hardened chocolate almond mixture into almond bark pieces.   fully chopped pieces of chocolate almond bark on parchment paper



Is almond bark vegan? 

Not all almond bark recipes are created equal–some almond bark is vegan, some isn’t. If you want to ensure that yours is, just make sure to use vegan-friendly chocolate chips! Also, follow today’s recipe, as it does not have any non-vegan ingredients. 😉 Side note, today’s almond bark recipe is also gluten free!


Almond Bark Recipes

Here are a couple of really fun ways to mix up the base chocolate almond bark recipe. Once you get the hang of the swaps, it’ll be so easy to get creative and customize almond bark recipes to your liking.

Cranberry Almond Bark

For the Add-ins

  • ¼ cup chopped, dried cranberries
  • 1/3 cup almonds

For the Toppings

  • 2 tablespoons chopped, dried cranberries
  • 3 tablespoons almonds (whole or sliced)


S’mores Almond Bark

Here’s a sweet and delicious almond bark treat based off of a popular & classic dessert: S’mores!

For the Add-ins

  • 3 tablespoons chopped up graham crackers
  • 3 tablespoons marshmallows
  • 3 tablespoons chocolate chunks

For the Toppings

  • 2 tablespoons chopped up graham crackers
  • 2 tablespoons marshmallows
  • 2 tablespoons chocolate chunks


Super Seed Almond Bark

For the Add-ins

  • ¼ cup pumpkin seeds
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds

For the Toppings

  • 2 tablespoons pumpkin seeds
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon sunflower seeds


Triple Chocolate Almond Bark

For the Add-ins

  • ¼ cup dark chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup white chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons cacao nibs or mini chocolate chips

For the Toppings

  • 2 tablespoons dark chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons white chocolate chips
  • 2 tablespoons cacao nibs or mini chocolate chips


Vegan Almond Bark


Fruit and Nut Almond Bark

For the Add-ins

  • ¼ cup your favorite dried fruit
  • ¼ cup your favorite nuts

For the Toppings

  • 2 tablespoons your favorite dried fruit
  • 2 tablespoons your favorite nuts


Feel free to comment with your very own personal combo—I always love hearing about what flavor combos you come up with! Almond bark recipes, here we come!

Different size pieces of almond bark spread out on wax paper

So that’s my whole dissertation on why you need to make this 3 Ingredient Chocolate Almond Bark Recipe. Like right now. Not that you have to make it with dark chocolate or extra dark chocolate or anything you don’t want to do, but that you should just try it!

The flavor of chocolate and the nutty presence of almonds—and that amazing crunch… happy sigh. 🙂

The best part?

It’s made with just 3 simple ingredients. And the prep time is 5 minutes, or less! The other best part (yes, there must be more than one!!) is that this 3 ingredient chocolate almond bark recipe makes for such a great gift, just like my 3 Ingredient Chocolate Pecan Fudge. It looks so impressive and like you totally worked on it all day, while also earning your degree in professional chocolatierism.

Or something.

If you’re not convinced yet, let me tell you all about this chocolate almond bark. It’s:

  • so easy to make
  • prep time is just 5 minutes
  • vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free
  • made with the whole, healthy ingredients you love
  • just the chocolate almond bark recipe you’ve been looking for
  • seriously delicious with this paleo vegan chocolate
  • totally the perfect time to learn how to make chocolate almond bark
  • a great paleo vegan homemade candy

Overhead shot of bark pieces spread out

More Chocolate Snack Recipes 

Recommended Tools for the Best Chocolate Almond Bark

  • Vegan Chocolate Chips: my favorite vegan chocolate chips to date. Dairy-free, soy-free and just the right balance of deep chocolate flavor with enjoyable creaminess.
  • For Paleo-friendly chocolate bark: these Paleo Chocolate Gems are amazing! Refined Sugar-Free, vegan, paleo (of course), dairy-free and simply delicious. I used to chop up this same brand’s paleo chocolate bars, until they came out with these babies. They’re more affordable than the bars and just as delicious.
  • Unsalted, Roasted Almonds: finally! High-quality roasted almonds that I can buy in bulk online. They don’t add any ingredients–and that’s my favorite part. 🙂
  • Glass Mixing Bowls: Perfect for melting chocolate for the best chocolate almond bark.

Bark it Like It’s Hot

I mean, these almond bark recipes are technically hot while the chocolate is melted and ready to go, amiright? Oooh, you know I love being silly with you. 🙂 I truly hope you enjoy trying out today’s chocolate almond bark, and creating those of your own. Be sure to leave a comment if you try the recipe and/or take a photo and share it on Instagram, tagging me @beamingbaker and #beamingbaker. I can’t wait to see it! ‘Til our next sweet adventure together…

Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter ❤️

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☀︎ Did you make any of these almond bark recipes? Take a pic and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #beamingbaker and tag @beamingbaker. I would love to see it! ☀︎

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3 Ingredient Chocolate Almond Bark

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Thick pieces of indulgent chocolate bark packed with crunchy, roasted almonds. Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free.



Optional Topping

  • ¼ cup unsalted, roasted almonds


  1. Line a small or medium baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper. Clear some room in the refrigerator for this sheet. Set aside.
  2. To melt the chocolate, use the double boiler method or do the following. Add vegan or paleo chocolate and coconut oil to a medium, microwave-safe bowl. Heat in 20-second increments until melted. Stir in between heating increments, until smooth.
  3. Fold in almonds. Pour onto prepared baking sheet. Using a rubber spatula, spread into an even layer of desired thickness. Optionally, sprinkle with more almonds.
  4. Refrigerate until firm, about 20 mins. Immediately remove from refrigerator and allow to reach room temperature before cutting (to avoid leaving fingerprints/sweating). Separate chocolate from paper. Break or cut into pieces. Enjoy! Storing instructions below.


  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 0 mins
  • Category: Dessert, Candy, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free
  • Method: Chill
  • Cuisine: American

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  1. This looks so amazing, I love the combination of roasted almonds with chocolate, here in Spain it is a very popular sweet, such a great and easy recipe…fantastic! giving this a try for sure

    1. Thanks Albert! The combo of chocolate and almonds cannot be beat! Can’t wait to hear what you think. 🙂

  2. Impressed about the 88%! Kroger just got their own brand of 72% chocolate chips and I felt uber sophisticated and healthy trying those in recipes instead of semi-sweet. Will definitely make this. Who needs a fancy chocolatier when you can make it at home so easily? I wonder how pistachios would be in this…

  3. I love nuts and chocolate together! And I adore dark chocolate. I like it much better than milk chocolate. And it’s probably a good thing that more candy bars are milk chocolate and not dark chocolate or I’d be in big trouble. I love how quick, easy and gorgeous your bark recipe is! Almond bark reminds me of my best friend and I can’t wait to make your delightful recipe.

    1. Haha, right? I’d be in the same boat if all/most bars were dark chocolate! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! I can’t wait to hear what you think, Elaine. 🙂

    1. Right? The nuts adds such a tasty balance to the chocolate! Thanks Marsha. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful week! xoxo

  4. I’m 100% a nuts and chocolate girl. Honestly, and this feels almost shameful to admit, I don’t really like chocolate without nuts or fruit in it! And the darker the better! I might even sprinkle a few salt flakes over the top!