Vegan Chocolate Frosting Recipe – Dairy Free, 2 Ingredient

smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting!

Creamy, dreamy, luxurious and oh-so-GOOD. Those are just a few words to describe my amazing vegan chocolate frosting. It’s so ridiculously easy to make, with just 2 simple dairy free ingredients: vegan chocolate chips and coconut cream!

Today, I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, as we make the easiest dairy free chocolate frosting you’ll ever need. Yep, I said it. 😉 My mom’s been raving about this vegan frosting, my 5-year-old nephew refers to it as the “frosting that tastes like chocolate ice cream!!!” and Erik is constantly telling me we need to find more things to frost…

Or perhaps we should just normalize the whole eating chocolate frosting straight outta the bowl thing. Oh, Erik! Like, no need to be a conformist, just do it anyway. You do you, ya know? 😉

My Favorite Vegan Chocolate Frosting

Anywho, since I shared this vegan chocolate frosting recipe a few years back, I’ve gotten rave reviews, glowing emails and more than a few questions about it. So today I’m covering your common questions, sharing some new photos, and taking you through how to make homemade vegan chocolate frosting.

You game? Let’s do it!

Vegan Chocolate Frosting: smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting! #Vegan #ChocolateFrosting #VeganFrosting #DairyFree | Recipe at

Dairy Free Chocolate Frosting with just 2 Ingredients!

It’s super easy to make this homemade vegan chocolate frosting recipe–check out the how to photos below. Here are the two simple vegan & dairy-free ingredients: 

How to Make Vegan Chocolate Frosting

Step 1: Chill

The night before, chill a can of coconut cream in the refrigerator—this way, you can easily scoop out the hardened coconut cream, while leaving behind coconut juice at the bottom of the can.

Step 2: Melt

Add coconut cream and vegan chocolate chips to a bowl. Melt together & stir in between heating increments—until it’s shiny and smooth.

Step 3: Chill until Firm

Chill the vegan chocolate frosting mixture aka chocolate ganache until firm. See Figure A below.

Vegan Chocolate Frosting: smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting! #Vegan #ChocolateFrosting #VeganFrosting #DairyFree | Recipe at
Figure A. After chilling, the unwhipped vegan chocolate frosting mixture will look like this. As you can see from the finger indentations on the surface… I needed to check for firmness. Lol.

Step 4: Scoop

Scoop the unwhipped vegan frosting mixture away from the sides of the bowl, then transfer to a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, or keep in the bowl to mix. See Figure B below.

Vegan Chocolate Frosting: smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting! #Vegan #ChocolateFrosting #VeganFrosting #DairyFree | Recipe at
Figure B. Be sure to scoop the solid chocolate mixture out of the bowl before beating. The mixture will be solid and look like dark chocolate.

Step 5: Whip the Frosting

Make sure to use a whisk attachment with your stand mixer or hand mixer. The whisk attachment is essential to creating beautifully whipped vegan chocolate frosting. Begin whipping the mixture—as it turns into vegan chocolate frosting, it will lighten up in color. See Figure C below.

Vegan Chocolate Frosting: smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting! #Vegan #ChocolateFrosting #VeganFrosting #DairyFree | Recipe at
Figure C. Use a whisk attachment for your hand mixer/stand mixer. Once you begin whisking/beating the mixture, it will begin lightening up in color and become fluffier.

Step 6: Whip Some More

Whip until frosting is completely lightened to the color of milk chocolate frosting. See Figure D below.

Vegan Chocolate Frosting: smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting! #Vegan #ChocolateFrosting #VeganFrosting #DairyFree | Recipe at
Figure D. The frosting is done when the entire bowl is lightened up, like the color of hot chocolate. It should be fluffy, and thick enough to stay on the whisk when it’s held upside down, but soft enough to easily pipe.

What Should I Frost with this Dairy Free Chocolate Frosting?

I’m so glad you asked. 😉 I’ve specifically written this dairy free chocolate frosting recipe to go with the following vegan dairy free desserts:

Tips for the Best Vegan Chocolate Frosting

  • Make sure to use coconut cream, not coconut milk. This vegan chocolate frosting is made with coconut cream—which is the thick, white, creamy part of coconut milk. This is the coconut cream that I use. Coconut milk is much more watery.
  • If you want to use coconut milk… follow the instructions in the Notes portion of my recipe.
  • Don’t mix in the coconut juice from the can of coconut cream. When scooping and measuring your coconut cream, make sure to scoop up as little of the translucent coconut juice as possible. You want the thick, white creamy part.
  • Test a small batch in advance with the chocolate you’re using. I’ve found that some paleo or sugar-free chocolate brands will not work in this frosting recipe—it won’t yield a creamy frosting. Try making a small batch first before committing to using a full bag of expensive paleo or sugar-free chocolate.
  • Allow the chocolate ganache to de-chill a bit before whipping. When you’re scooping the chocolate ganache away from the sides of the bowl, it shouldn’t be that hard to scoop. If it’s too hard, give the ganache a few minutes to de-chill/warm up before whipping.

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Best Tools for Creamy Vegan Chocolate Frosting

  • Hand Mixersuper beautiful turquoise color & super sturdy in the kitchen!
  • Whisk Attachment – here’s the exact whisk attachment that I use with my awesome hand mixer.
  • Stand Mixer – the classic stand mixer: a must for the baker. 🙂
  • Vegan Chocolate Chips – a staple in my vegan gluten free dessert recipes!
  • Coconut Cream – just the best coconut cream & what I use in my paleo desserts recipes!
  • Glass Mixing Bowls – these are my favorite heatproof mixing bowls to use when making this vegan chocolate frosting! Perfect for heating, perfect for mixing.

Are you ready to frost ALL the things?? And by “things” I do mean vegan chocolate cupcakes, cake, vegan chocolate chip cookies, and um, your mouth (okay, that sounded weird)—I mean, just eat it from the bowl, it’s that good! It’s truly an honor to share in these kitchen adventures with you. I can’t wait to hear what you think! ‘Til then…

Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter ❤️

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Vegan Chocolate Frosting: smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting! #Vegan #ChocolateFrosting #VeganFrosting #DairyFree | Recipe at

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Vegan Chocolate Dessert Recipes

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How to Make Homemade Chocolate Frosting Recipe (V, GF): learn how to make easy vegan chocolate frosting that’s smooth, silky and chocolatey. Whipped frosting doesn't require refrigeration! #Vegan #Paleo #HealthyDesserts #DairyFree #GlutenFree | Recipe on

Vegan Chocolate Frosting Recipe – Dairy Free


Vegan Chocolate Frosting: smooth ‘n creamy vegan chocolate frosting that’s so easy to pipe. Just 2 ingredients for the best dairy free frosting!




  1. The night before, place can of coconut cream into the refrigerator to chill. This will make it easier to scoop the firm cream out of the can–leaving behind any extra coconut juice. Instructions on using full-fat coconut milk in Notes.*
  2. Use the double boiler method to melt the chocolate and coconut cream, or do the following: add coconut cream and chocolate chips to a large microwave-safe bowl—use a deep bowl if you plan to whip the frosting later in this bowl. Heat in 30-second increments until melted and smooth. Stir between heating increments, until chocolate is melted. Once completely melted, whisk thoroughly until smooth.
  3. Transfer to refrigerator to chill for 2-5 hours. It’s done when the mixture is medium firm, similar to a very firm gel. It will be stiff enough to be solid, but lightly depresses when pressing a finger into it. See Figure A.
  4. Using a spoon, scoop this mixture into a large, deep mixing bowl for whipping (or use the same bowl). You may also transfer to the mixing bowl of a stand mixer. If the texture is right, it won’t be too hard to spoon. See Figure B.
  5. Allow to soften and warm up a bit at room temperature, for about 10-15 minutes. It should be soft enough to whip, but firm enough to not become liquidy when whipping. See Figure C.
  6. Using a hand mixer, or a stand mixer, fitted with a whisk attachment, beat the frosting mixture until fluffy. The color of the mixture will lighten to that of milk chocolate. See Figure D.
  7. Frost completely cooled Vegan Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes. Or, make a double batch for my favorite Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe. Enjoy!

For Paleo Cupcakes, try my rich & moist Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe.


*To use canned full-fat (not light) coconut milk, do the following: The night before, chill 2 cans of full fat coconut milk, being careful not to shake the contents. Open the can (or cans, if needed) and scoop the firm, white solid part off the top—this is the coconut cream. Measure out what’s needed.

Where to Buy Ingredients: Vegan Chocolate Chips | Coconut Cream

Note: This frosting recipe makes enough frosting for 12 cupcakes with medium high frosted tops.

Storing Instructions: Use frosting immediately after whipping. Frosted cupcakes will keep for 3 days at room temperature. Store frosted cupcakes in an airtight container, in a cool, dark environment for up to 3 days.

Recommended Tools: Pink Hand Mixer + Whisk Attachment | Mixing Bowls | KitchenAid Stand Mixer | 4oz Prep Bowls | 4 Event Timer

For Paleo Cupcakes, try my rich & moist Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe.

  • Prep Time: 2 hours
  • Cook Time: 2 mins
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Chill
  • Cuisine: American

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  1. This frosting looks so good! I don’t have a whisk attachment for my hand mixer and don’t think I will use one much. Would this still work if I used the usual beaters instead of a whisk attachment?

    1. Thanks Andrea! Oh darn… unfortunately, the standard attachment will yield flat, non-fluffy results (believe you me, I tried! Lol). You can give it a go if you’d like, perhaps you won’t mind the results? But I highly recommend a whisk attachment. Good luck! 🙂

  2. i made this recipe about 2 months ago and it turned out so amazing, i have been dreaming about making it again for my birthday that is this week ! i don’t t love chocolate like my husband and son, so i am going to *try* making a vanilla version with cacao butter instead of chocolate chips with added vanilla bean and some sort of refined sugar free sweetener i haven’t fully decided. I will let you know how it goes !! thanks for the lovely recipe

    1. First of all, Happy Early Birthday, Aimee! Second of all: YES on your idea! I’ve been wondering about using cacao butter myself (and literally have two bags in my pantry ready for testing), but haven’t had the time to try yet. Do let me know how it turns out. Have a wonderful birthday! . .

      1. Sad to report that the recipe did not turn out amazingly like yours with the cacao butter switch. It tasted good but the consistency of it was alllll wrong ): I thiiiiink it might if needed a larger portion of coconut cream but really I am not sure. Now I have this giant serving of basically white chocolate and I don’t know what to do with it hahah. AnywYs I hope you get around to playing with it and figuring out the proper ratios!

        1. Aw, dang!!! I was so hoping for good results for you! I will definitely get around to playing with the cacao butter (I just have to finish up a few more months’ worth of recipes first lol). Thanks so much for reporting back—I’ll be proceeding with caution for my vanilla frosting recipe trials. Hugs!

  3. Very excited to try this, thank you! If I put this on a cake for a party, how long would the icing ‘hold’ please? Cheers!

    1. Hi Sam! The frosting will hold on the cake for about 3 days (best on the 1st day, of course). Just make sure to keep it away from sunlight and heat sources. You can also try frosting the cake, then freezing, then thawing the night before the party. Enjoy!

  4. I made this frosting with coconut milk from the brand aroy D (I’m in Canada) I left the van on the fridge for a couple of days and when ready to use I flipped the cam and dumped all the juice out , I was left with a thick cream, and for the chocolate I used guirdarelli 60% chocolate chips but I only had about over 1/2 cup and I also let this ganache sitting on my fridge overnight , the next morning I took it out and left out for about 10 minutes before whipping and it turned out like a dream! So decadent and beyond delicious! Thank you so much!

    1. I am in Canada as well, we had aroy D coconut cream at our superstore last week ( 19 Oz) 560 ml can for $1. Our store doesn’t carry cream it was a promotion I think, a pallet full in the front. Enough cream to make a double batch. Just cooling in the fridge. Making for the first time for the wedding guest that need dairy free dessert. Hope it works out

  5. Demeter, I love your recipes and am so excited to try this for a big family event coming up. This will be my first time doing a vegan frosting without Earth Balance (which always yields great results). I love that this is free of palm-oil though. Excited!

      1. Hi, loved how this recipe sounded so decided to try it out but I only had Hershey’s semi sweet choc chips on hand. Everything went well up until I started to beat it…it just started to get thinner and thinner instead of thicker ….I decided to put it back in the fridge in the hope that it will thicken enough to get it to fluff…I’m putting it on a choc cheesecake. Question… Can this recipe work at all with non vegan choc chips? Thanks in advance…

  6. I made this – it’s simple yet very delicious! You just need time to let the components chill when needed but otherwise it’s so quick and easy. I used Cadbury dark chocolate bars and Trader Joe’s organic coconut cream, no extra sweetness needed, and it came out very well, the non-vegans loved it, I’ll be making it again and again. Thank you Demeter!

  7. I made a double batch of this for a layer cake, and it was delicious as frosting…but, even more importantly: I had some leftover in the fridge and heated it up to use as hot fudge on some vegan ice cream….ohhhh my gosh, AMAZING! Highly recommend that use too. .

  8. Just made this as a frosting for a vegan chocolate raspberry cake, in case anyone was wondering, yes, you can pipe with it beautifully and I did use real chocolate instead, so delicious, thanks for this recipe!