Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

The easiest strawberry yogurt parfait is made with layers of creamy yogurt, fresh strawberries, and crunchy granola.

A Simple Strawberry Yogurt Parfait to Nourish You.

Do you ever just feel like it’s impossible to eat healthy and not spend every waking moment preparing said healthy foods? ‘Cause I do. Like, all the time. So when I’m getting down on myself about not doing things quite “right” or not being the dreadful “perfect” version of healthy, I make this strawberry yogurt parfait… and make sure to enjoy the experience.

Who cares if my vanilla yogurt isn’t zero calories, zero sugar, blah, blah blah… and if my granola isn’t so free-from every macro that it basically doesn’t even friggin’ exist? I invite you to make a simple strawberry yogurt parfait and pat yourself on the back for the accomplishment of nourishing yourself. You rock! Ready? Let’s make parfaits!

Hand sprinkling granola over strawberries to create another parfait layer

Strawberry Yogurt Parfait Ingredients

This strawberry yogurt parfait it truly, truly easy—take a look at the ingredients list for a sneak peek at just how easy. 

  • Fresh strawberries – I love using the freshest strawberries for this yogurt parfait. I wouldn’t recommend using frozen strawberries as they tend to get soggy when thawing. But if you’re in a pinch, and don’t care about the soggy texture, have at it!
  • Vanilla yogurt – you can use any kind of vanilla yogurt you’d like. If you try a plain yogurt, you might want to sprinkle a little sweetener on top to diffuse some of its innate tartness.
  • Granola – lately, I’ve been sprinkling this hemp granola on everything, and today’s strawberry parfait is no exception. You can also use a store-bought granola that’s a favorite of yours, as the flavor of the granola is very present in this parfait. These same ingredients can also be used to make 3 Ingredient Strawberry Yogurt Bites.

Hand placing a second strawberry slice atop a layer of yogurt in the parfait

How to Make a Strawberry Yogurt Parfait with Granola

Set aside your favorite jar. I love using these wide mouth mason jars since they hold quite a bit, are pretty, and are actually hard to tip over (yes, I drop stuff—especially glass things—all the time).

Now, spoon a layer of yogurt into the bottom of the jar, making sure to smooth it out to an even layer.

Next, top with strawberry slices. Here, I like to sprinkle a bit of this monkfruit sweetener onto the strawberries for added sweetness since the yogurt can be a bit tart.

After, top the strawberries with granola.

You’ll repeat this process as many times as you’d like, or until the jar is full.

Enjoy immediately, or seal for later and store in the refrigerator.

closeup shot of strawberry yogurt parfait with granola and fresh strawberries on a white kitchen towel

What Granola Recipes to Try with Your Yogurt Parfait

There’s nothing quite like the homey goodness of a homemade granola you’ve made yourself. Ya know? I love baking up a batch to store in the pantry so I can grab a bit to use for my Blueberry Yogurt Parfait or this strawberry yogurt parfait. Check out some of my absolute favorite granola recipes:

Tools You Need


This time of year, it’s truly hella hard to keep up with everything we’ve got to get done. So I thank you for stopping by and enjoying some moments in the kitchen with me. I can’t wait to see you on the next adventure…

Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter ❤️

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Strawberry Yogurt Parfait featured image

Strawberry Yogurt Parfait

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The easiest strawberry yogurt parfait is made with layers of creamy yogurt, fresh strawberries, and crunchy granola.



Strawberry Parfait

  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt of choice
  • 1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced
  • 12 teaspoons sweetener of choice, optional
  • 3 tablespoons granola


  1. Set aside 1 glass jar or cup.
  2. Spoon 1/3 cup yogurt into the bottom of the jar, creating an even, smooth layer.
  3. Sprinkle sliced strawberries over the yogurt, creating a single or double layer, depending on the size of your jar.
  4. Optionally, sprinkle granulated monkfruit or sweetener of choice over the berries. Add more to sweeten tart fruit, less if the fruit is already very sweet or you like your parfait on the less sweet side.
  5. Pour 1 tablespoon of your favorite granola over the sweetened fruit layer. I like baking up a fresh batch of low calorie granola or gluten free granola for my strawberry parfaits.
  6. Repeat this sequence twice more.
  7. Serve and enjoy!


To make vegan: use your favorite dairy-free, vegan-friendly yogurt.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 0 minutes
  • Category: Snacks, Breakfast
  • Method: Chill

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