Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe for protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.

I’ve never met a smoothie I didn’t like. Okay, that’s not true. I used to make really gross smoothies… like all the time. But when you love something, you persevere until you get it right. Even if it means suffering through some unintentionally savory-yes-savory smoothies.

How about you? Do you love smoothies? Do you like smoothies inspired by dessert, tropical vibes, or even sizzling with a java jolt? Alright, forgive me for going too far with my sizzles… but I know some of you love smoothies as much as I do. 🙂

Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe for protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree |

For ages now, I’ve been eschewing my Protein-Rich Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie. It’s been hanging with the kinda sorta-wannabe popular crowd on Pinterest… but is regretfully, not vegan. Boooo…. As such, I’ve tried and tried to push it to the depths of my Pinning Closet (whatever the heck that is), but to no avail.

However, strawberries + peanut butter = Meant To Be. How can anyone deny this love? This symbiosis? This throwback to golden-filtered, fond memories of childhood good times, PB + Strawberry Jelly… FUN?

So even though fall is pretty much right around the bend, and I’ve already been releasing Halloween goodies—ahem, I mean regular, old-fashioned year-round homemade treats, I thought we still might have time to squeeze in one last strawberry recipe. .

Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe for protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree |

One last go at strawberry heaven, in a cup. With peanut butter drizzle. Oh, man!!! When I was re-working this recipe, I thought about what I could do to replace that dairy yogurt.

Should I use vegan yogurt? Nope, too hard to find for some. And kind of expensive, too. Should I use coconut milk? Nah, too much… well, coconut for others. How about some raw cashews for that delicious creamy factor? Oy, too much trouble to soak. Plus, we gotta save up our raw cashews for holiday cheesecakes, amiright? 😉

And when I stopped fighting it and overthinking it… everything came together. In banana form. . At first, I worried that some of you might not be feeling the bananas. Word on the street is that some people don’t even like bananas. . Nooooooo!!! J/k. To each her own, I say.

Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe for protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree |

But bananas are awesome. And frozen bananas are even more awesome. You know this from nice cream. You know it from banana bread. You know it… because: golden-filtered, fond memories of childhood good times.

Happily, the bananas don’t add a strong flavor. They just hang out in the back… cool as ice cream. Nothing to see here folks. Just some vegan nice cream, creamy and tasty as ever. 😉 Atop that delicious, edible foundation of frozen YES, you’ll find just the right balance of peanut butter and strawberry pizzazz.

Who doesn’t need more pizzazz? Or… uh, pizza? Or pizzzaz? Kind of a halfway point between pizzazz and .. And now my mind’s wandering way off the rails because it’s almost the weekend. Plus, now that I’ve totally distracted myself with thoughts of pizza, it’s time to get to the good stuff!

Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe for protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree |

Drumroll please… good stuff = great points about this smoothie. Ahem. 😉 In case you don’t need more pizzazz (aw, dang it), let me tell you all about this strawberry peanut butter delight. My Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie is:

  • made with just 4 ingredients
  • vegan, gluten free and dairy free
  • super thick and deliciously creamy
  • so easy to make
  • packed with protein and lotsa nutrients
  • bursting with strawberry and peanut butter flavor
  • pretty much a healthy milkshake 😉
  • plant-based and allergy-friendly
  • loved by a-dults and kiddos alike
  • off-the-charts amazing, you’ll see

Get out the blender and just 4 ingredients. You’re like 4 minutes (okaaaaay 6 minutes) away from smoothie heaven. You ready? Let’s do this! In the meantime, tell me about your favorite smoothie flavor of all time. Or, your biggest smoothie disaster. <– We’re all here to make each other feel better, riiiiiiiight?

Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter. ❤️

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Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe for protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree |

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Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe to protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree |

Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V, Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

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Vegan Strawberry Peanut Butter Smoothie (V+GF): an easy 4 ingredient recipe for protein-rich, creamy smoothies bursting with strawberry and PB flavor. Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.


  • 3 medium bananas, sliced and frozen
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 cups frozen strawberries
  • ¼ cup unsalted, natural peanut butter


  1. Add bananas into the blender. Blend until the bananas become crumbly. Add almond milk. Blend until smooth and creamy, scraping down the sides of the blender as needed.
  2. Add strawberries and blend until well incorporated.
  3. Add peanut butter. Blend until smooth, again, scraping down the sides of the blender as needed.
  4. Pour into two cups and enjoy!
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Category: Smoothie, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free

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What’s your favorite smoothie flavor?

I can’t wait to hear your responses.

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  1. Hi Demeter,

    I loved this recipe so much that I featured it on my best of post, ’27 HEALTHY Smoothie Recipes’.
    I have not shared the exact recipe, only one image from here, a small quote and all credits given to you and linked back to this page.
    I would love it if you came and checked it out.
    Have a fantastic day!

    Katherine from

  2. Just made and devoured! Simple and delicious. I used one banana (only made half) and natural peanut butter and the banana and frozen strawberries added enough sweetness that I did not need to add anything. Definitely a recipe I will make again and share. Many of my favorites combined into one! Thanks!

    1. Wonderful! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my recipe, Kristen! 🙂 Some folks are a bit skeptical of it when they first hear about the combo of strawberries and Pb… until they try it. Totally like a PB&J right? Thanks for sharing! Enjoy. 🙂

  3. This is an amazing smoothie. I have to recipe and since I didn’t have almond milk I use cashew milk instead, fresh banana and frozen strawberries.

    1. Hi Michelle, it’s so fantastic to hear that you enjoyed the recipe! Good to know it’s just as tasty with fresh bananas. 🙂 Enjoy!

    1. “real clothes” <--- Lolol. Yep, I'm in my PJs right now too. Hahaha. I hope you love this as much as I do, Annie. xo

  4. Ya know, I’m not sure I’ve ever made a smoothie without banana, so it’s hard for me to understand the anti-banana camp! Sounds like a match made in heaven if you ask me! This smoothie looks awesome and totally sounds like golden-filtered childhood (love that phrase!) in a glass! Suddenly pizza is also sounding really necessary to my life right now, just sayin’. Pizza plus this smoothie seems like a legit combo to me 😉 Bog hogs, D!

    1. Such an interesting point, Steph! Yeah, there’s a whole world of banana-less smoothies… but I just can’t get on board! Haha. Pizza + this smoothie = BEST. MEAL. EVER. Bog hogs to ya, Steph! xoxo

  5. I so much love your quick, easy and healthy recipes, this one is so delicious again. Strawberries and peanut butter, oh yeah! I still have a half box of strawberries in the fridge, this smoothie will be the perfect last berry recipe of the year then! Pinned of course, yum!

    1. Strawberries are SO good in smoothies! Thanks for pinning, Celeste! I can’t wait to hear what you think of this. 🙂

  6. Smoothies are the best! I’ve made some that I didn’t like either, but you live and learn, right? And anything that tastes like my favorite sandwich is sure to be a winner. I just love how thick this smoothie is, Demeter! Strawberries and peanut butter were meant to be together. What a perfect breakfast or snack! Pinned, of course! Happy Thursday to you!

    1. So right! You seriously have to make a BUNCH of bad ones before you learn how to work those ingredients. That’s for sure! PB+J for the win! 🙂 Thanks for pinning and stopping by, G. Happy Thursday! xo

  7. Ummm first of all, official word of the day = eschewing. Niiiice. 10 points if you can use that in a sentence twice today. 😉 hahah. Anyways, I personally love naners.. the more the better, so I am loving this revamp on your smoothie! Gimme and the strawberries, naners and PB FOR LIFE! So pretty and oh so slurpable and delicious! I’m thinking I need this smoothie with some pizza, because that would be allllll the pizzaz! Pinned! cheers, sweets! xoxo
    P.s. I echo what Natalie said up ⬆️ there… I’ve asked you before if you have a strawberry field in your yard… but I’m thinkin you lied about not having one because SO MANY STRAWBERRIES in these photos! I love it. And I’m jealous. <3

    1. I SO need 10 points today. Lol. Whenever we get that conveyor belt going, I’ll have to whip up a super banana-packed smoothie, just for you. 🙂 Omigosh… THE PIZZA. It is all that I can think about now. Wait a minute, can you bring over one of your amazing naan pizzas? Pretty please?? 🙂 I used ALL the strawberries for these pics. Haha. Don’t make me photoshop a strawberry field and send it to you! Haha. Big hugs! <3

  8. Oh thank goodness, I needed one last berry fix before fall officially hit! This smoothie should perfectly carry me right on into winter. I love all smoothies–dessert ones, green ones, ugly green ones, perfect Demeter-squiggle topped ones, sandwich inspired ones–me and my blender are all inclusive. I must say bananas were a very very good yogurt-replacement choice! Do you have a secret strawberry garden I don’t know about? Because that smoothie is swimming in a strawberry field that stretches on for what seems like forever… Now my mission for the weekend is to make this, revel in the pizzaz, and maybe make some pizza too. Oh and watching a certain halloween movie. Happy weekend! xoxo

    1. Yay!! I actually helped you out of the pumpkin vortex? 😉 Wait a minute, sandwich-inspired ones??? Tell me more. Haha. Do you speak of savory pumpkin bread sandwich ones? Lol. I SO wish I had a strawberry farm. You would totally have to come live on it with me. Whaddya say? Then, we’ll have to start a blog that features ONLY strawberry recipes. Lol. Can’t wait to text you about the movie! It’s on my list this weekend too. Muah! xoxo

  9. Stop whatever you’re doing and please provide a vegan cheesecake with cashews, k 😉 ? What is this delightfulness you speak of. I’ve used cashews in soup to thicken, but cheesecake. YES!!! Please & thank you. Pretty please & pretty thank you!!

    And who doesn’t like bananas? That be cray! Love ’em. Such creamy factor to smoothies, right?

    And your mention of pizza has me mad craving. Maybe I’m just hungry? You’re talking a good food game here this morning, my friend. Sigh……me hungeeeeeee 😉

    Great smoothie here, Demeter! Hubby does one with blueberries and peanut butter and he loves it! This one is such a great way to use up those last beautiful strawberries of the Summer. Pinned, of course!

    Have a great weekend, girlie. xoxo

    1. Haha. How’d I know you’d be interested in that? I have a few more goodies in line, and then, and THEN… the cheesecake. 😉 And you’re welcome! 🙂 Hungeeeeee? Oh my gosh, that brings back memories (I used to say that in college A LOT). You know you’re really hungry when you pronounce it hungeeee. Haha. Your hubs has great taste, what can I say? Thanks for pinning and chatting with me, D! Have a great weekend. Muah! xoxo

  10. Strawberries and nanners and PB are always a good idea – come to think of it, PB is like Switzerland as it seems to get along with everyone and yet is so cool all by itself! I’m so loving this 4/6 minute recipe making the most of summer’s fresh strawberries, Demeter! While I usually am partial to all smoothies with some cocoa in them, I’ll gladly slurp down 2 or 3 of these berry/PB ones too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend! xoxo

    1. Haha. Such a great point, Shashi! 🙂 I so KNEW you would notice that 2 minute difference. Gosh darn it! Lolol. Now I have to make a cocoa one, just for you! Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xoxo