4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free)

4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (V, GF, DF): a one bowl, 4-ingredient recipe for crispy, cool mint crunch bars perfect for the holidays! Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy-Free.

How was your weekend? Whether or not you were celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope it was a relaxing, happy one filled with good food and lots of laughter. And, that it made you especially energized for all the holiday fun that’s to come!

To help you kick things off right, I’m bringing out the big ornaments (but not really, because these ornaments are crazy tiny). Erik and I bought ALL the Christmas decorations in town, and we got a little too carried away with our festive mood. 😉 Chock it up to all the 5 minute peppermint fudge and gingerbread oatmeal homemade breakfast bars we’ve been munching on.

4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free): a one bowl, 4-ingredient recipe for crispy, cool mint crunch bars perfect for the holidays! #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree | BeamingBaker.com

This year we already got the twinkly lights up, and we’ve been cookin’ up so many ideas for the holidays. Erik already told me about all the holiday treats he hopes to receive this year—and I’ve already got to get crackin’ on a good number of them, such as a Dark Chocolate Almond Mint Homemade KIND Bar Recipe or Moist & Fudgy Ganache Peppermint Brownies Recipe. 🙂

But remember how I told you there were a few treats I was working on… in SECRET?? Yep, saying “in secret” totally makes them way more cool! Like mint. Or peppermint. As in 4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars!!! See what I did there? Okay, transitions can be tricky. Just sayin’.

4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free): a one bowl, 4-ingredient recipe for crispy, cool mint crunch bars perfect for the holidays! #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree | BeamingBaker.com

Well, two months ago (I told ya, we’re Christmas crazy!), Erik listed off many, MANY peppermint chocolate treats that hearkened back to his childhood, such as these seriously irresistible gluten free moist mint dark chocolate chip muffins. At the time, I was like, wait!! Let me write this down, mid-run (yes, we were actually running during this convo), and you ate whaaaaa growing up? And how did you manage to try so many different treats at such a young age?? How??? And, how am I managing to talk and run? Woah!!

Once I got over my classy gawking, I got to thinking about how I would make one of the treats at the very top of his holiday favorites list: peppermint chocolate crunch bars. Oh. Yeah.

You see, I’ve wanted to make crunch bars for ages and ages, but then cookie dough cups happened, Almond Joy happened, peanut butter cup rice crispy treats happened, salted dark chocolate almond clusters happened, and then I fainted from running a full-time candy shop in my house. But not. But kinda. 😉 With the holidays right around the corner, Erik and I started our usual candy gift package planning… and I thought, let’s do this!

4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free): a one bowl, 4-ingredient recipe for crispy, cool mint crunch bars perfect for the holidays! #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree | BeamingBaker.com

The result is so yummy, so perfectly crispy, so… blissfully satisfying. Who knew making your own candy could be so satisfying? I’ve kinda really, seriously gotten into making candy. It’s all kinds of fun! The entire process is so magical. Almost like watching one of those super fascinating candy factory documentaries, but less of a snoozefest, and more of a sweetfest!

Plus, you get to actually eat the candy you see in your kitchen.

Then the drizzling happens (for my coconut truffles, and for my peppermint mocha cupcakes)… and, well, can you tell from these pics that I enjoyed myself immensely? 😉 Then then, you get to package it all up, as fancifully as you’d like, or just, ya know… eat it.

I’m totally bursting at the seams to talk about gift wrap options and such with you, but I think I’ll wait ’til next week, when something particularly Christmas-y comes out. Dun dun dun!!! Intrigue. What can I say, I like to keep ya entertained here. 🙂

4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free): a one bowl, 4-ingredient recipe for crispy, cool mint crunch bars perfect for the holidays! #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree | BeamingBaker.com

While you I eagerly await to talk all kinds of gift wrap shop with ya, allow me to tell you about these wonderful 4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars. They are:

  • SO easy to make, in just one bowl
  • the perfect balance of rich chocolate and cool mint
  • made with just 4 ingredients
  • vegan, gluten free and dairy-free
  • crispy and crunchy
  • plant-based and allergy-friendly
  • so impressive, like for real
  • perfect for gift-giving
  • even more perfect for eating

So grab a bowl, 4 simple ingredients, and your candy-making uniform (if there’s such a thing). It’s time to get our homemade candy on! I hope you love these 4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars as much as my family does. Thank you for spending the holidays with me. I’m so excited to share and swap stories about all of this holiday excitement! In the meantime, tell me:

What are your favorite peppermint chocolate flavored treats this season? If you’re not a fan, what do you love to eat during the holidays?

I can’t wait to hear what you think. Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter ❤️

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4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free): a one bowl, 4-ingredient recipe for crispy, cool mint crunch bars perfect for the holidays! #Vegan #GlutenFree #DairyFree | BeamingBaker.com

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4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy-Free)

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4 Ingredient Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars (GF, V, DF): a one bowl, 4-ingredient recipe for crispy, cool mint crunch bars perfect for the holidays! Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy-Free.


  • 1 ½ cups vegan chocolate chips
  • 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • 3/4 cup vegan gluten free brown rice crisp cereal


  1. Line an 8-inch square baking pan with parchment paper or wax paper. Set aside at room temperature. Clear some space in the freezer for this pan—you will need it later.
  2. Melt the chocolate using the double boiler method, or do the following: add chocolate chips and coconut oil to a medium, microwave-safe bowl (large enough to add cereal later). Heat in 20-second increments until softened and melty. Stir in between heating, until smooth. Add peppermint and stir until well-incorporated.
  3. Add cereal to melted chocolate. Using a rubber spatula, stir and fold until well incorporated. Pour this mixture into the prepared baking pan. Using the spatula, smooth into an even layer. Tap the pan a few times to help even out the mixture.
  4. Transfer this pan into the freezer. Freeze for 10-15 minutes. Thaw at room temperature for 10-15 minutes. Slice into 18 rectangular bars (3 rows by 6 columns). Enjoy! Storing instructions below.


– Storing notes: store in an airtight container for 1 week (at room temperature), 1-2 weeks (in the refrigerator), or up to 2 months (in the freezer). Best if stored in the refrigerator or freezer.
– If storing in the freezer, thaw for 5-10 minutes before enjoying.
– Holiday treats (all V, GF, DF): pumpkin chocolate chip cookie dough, paleo vegan chocolate coconut truffles, no bake chocolate pecan bars, double chocolate chip cookies.
– More homemade candy (all V, GF, DF): cookie dough cups, paleo Almond Joy, almond butter cups, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles.

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Here are a few items I used in today’s recipe. 🙂

Baking Pan (8-inch)Peppermint ExtractBrown Rice Crisp Cereal (V, GF) | Glass Mixing BowlsVegan Chocolate Chips | Coconut Oil | My Favorite Knife

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  1. When you add the extract, how do you keep your melted chocolate from seizing? Mine seized and is destined for the garbage now.

    1. Hi Carolyn, usually, my chocolate does seize up a bit, but I just keep stirring until it smooths out again. Good luck!

      1. Thanks for reporting back, Hannah! So happy to hear you enjoyed them. 🙂

  2. Hi Demeter,

    Could I use pure peppermint essential oil instead of the extract ? If so, how much please ? Thank you so much in advance,


    1. Hi Rosilene, after doing a bit of research online, it appears that you can use peppermint oil! Peppermint oil is about 4x as strong as peppermint extract, so I’d suggest starting slow. Try 1/8 teaspoon of peppermint oil first. Stir that in and taste a small spoonful of the candy mixture. If you’d like a stronger peppermint flavor, add an additional 1/8 teaspoon (for a grand total of 1/4 teaspoon peppermint oil). Enjoy!

    1. Hi Amanda! Right now, I don’t have a favorite. There are so many brands I have yet to even try! Do you have a favorite?

  3. Love this recipe. I’m new to all things vegan and can’t wait to try this. What’s the best vegan chocolate to use?

    1. Hi Jill! Finding the best vegan chocolate definitely depends on the area you live in and the access you have to vegan products. Also, if you prefer (or require depending on allergies) certified vegan products, or are totally fine with just vegan ingredients listed. So far, I’ve found that Trader Joe’s has the best vegan chocolate (but it’s not certified vegan, meaning it might come in contact with dairy). Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of vegan chocolates: http://vegnews.com/articles/page.do?pageId=4371&catId=2 I’d recommend trying a few different ones and seeing which you like best! Happy baking (or in this case, candymaking)! 🙂

  4. All I have to say is “YESSS” to these bars! I absolutely love the combo of chocolate and peppermint, especially for the holidays. I’m making your killer brownie recipe for a show this weekend and adding York Peppermint Patties to the batter to see how that tastes. Do you approve? 😉 Either way, I’m excited to see what other recipes you have in store for us this holiday season! 🙂

    1. Yeah!! Peppermint and chocolate go so ridiculously well together! Oh my gosh, best vegan brownies + York peppermint patties = . It’s decided, that’s what I’ll be dreaming about tonight… 😉 I absolutely APPROVE! Thanks so much for your sweet words, Marina!

    1. Your words are like music to my ears! Make that… Christmas music! 😉 Hope you love it, Megan! 🙂

  5. Oh I’ve SOOOO been looking forward to all your holiday candy and festive, sweet fun treats!! These peppermint chocolate crunch bars look ahhhhh-mazing, lil’ D! Seriously, must be something with boys because Boy grew up eating crunch bars too! But I don’t believe his were super cool and loaded with peppermint flavor… I’ll be sure to double check that when he gets home tonight. 😉 Anyways, I obviously need to get on my homemade candy making game and whip these up for everyone I know, because hello, these look bomb!! Pinned (duh). Cheers, sweet potato pie! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3

    1. YEAH!! I’m like the mascot for ALL the holidays, or something… Haha. Oh, boys… especially the ones named “Boy.” 😉 I’m totally excited to hear about whether or not he had a peppermint version! Thanks so much my holiday spice cake! Muah! xoxoxo

    1. Seriously! The earlier we start, the more time we have to be truly ready! Ha. Random times are the best, aren’t they? Thanks so much, Shelby! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Marsha! So cool to learn about the treats that you favor. 🙂 Erik and I went a bit crazy with the holiday decorations… whatcha gonna do about it? Haha. Have a great one too, Marsha! xo

  6. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate too much food! 🙂 I know I did, but I’m ready to bring on all of the holiday sweets. And these crunch bars look amazing! I’ve never made my own before, but like you, they’re on my bucket list. I will have to try this out and make some for my mom because she’s a peppermint fanatic. Love how easy this is, too! Pinned, of course! Hope your week is off to a great start!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Gayle! That I did. Haha. I’m so glad to hear that you had quite the tasty Thanksgiving! I hope you mom loves these peppermint crunch bars as much as my family does. 🙂 Thanks for pinning my friend! Have a great one!

    1. That’s what I love to hear! 😉 Funny you should mention teacher gifts–my sister (who’s a teacher) just asked me to make her a batch! 😉 Everyone loves it! 🙂 Thanks so much, Celeste!

  7. CRUNCH BARS ARE MY FAVORITE!!!!! Okay that came out a little more boldly than I had anticipated, but I stand by it even so. Crunch bars are probably my top chocolate candy pick ever❤️❤️ Or at least tied with Reese’s–rice crispies and peanut butter are tough competitors. But anyways, in this moment all I am thinking about is THESE chunky cereal-crispy chocolate guys and their very festive presentation. Plus adding peppermint = pure crunch bar genius! Not to be confused with the genius bar….>.. I cannot wait for this deep convo on the ever-so-serious topic of gift wrap!! And the “particularly chrsitmas-y” recipe that will go with it! But actually you could stop right here right now and just send me 3 batches of these and I’d be good. You are the best at getting me into the holiday spirit..

    1. YAYYYYYYYY!!! How did I not know this about you already??? Else, I would have totally dedicated this to you! <3 The bolder, the better, my dear! One day I'll have to make a peanut butter crunch bar top crispy treat (I was actually thinking of this the other day) and PROPERLY dedicated it to ya! 😉 Lololol on the genius bar. 3 batches, comin' right up! Let's holiday together! <3

    1. Yay!! It is my pleasure to entertain you two! 🙂 I’m so glad to see you back here too! Thank you for pinning! Have a great one!

  8. Demeter, you are a candy genius! Who knew it was so easy to make delicious and fantastic little edible gifts?! I’m so glad you posted these, because my fiance’s mom eats GF and his aunt is a vegan. With the holidays coming around I’m sure they’d be ecstatic to receive these yummy goodies! I love a good peppermint mocha to kick off the holiday season 🙂 or peppermint hot cocoa. Okay, anything peppermint and chocolate is fabulous!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Jessica! 🙂 I’m SO big on giving edible gifts! What could be better than a gift you can eat, right? Haha. I hope your fiance’s (!!!!!) mom and aunt enjoy this. Also, CONGRATS on the engagement!!! <3 <3 <3 Sending you lots of big peppermint/hot chocolate/mocha hugs over to you two. Muah!

    1. Yes, they would! That’s exactly what I was hoping for! 😉 Seriously, it’s SUCH a good combo! Woohoo on all the holiday feels! 😉

  9. So simple yet so decadently delicious! So glad you got around to this – Demeter – I gotta say, these are so easy to make, I might actually be okay with sharing them – because as soon as I share some I can whip up another batch – isn’t that what Christmas treating is about? Never mind – no need to answer that as I don’t have to use my xray vision to see you shaking your head at moi! 🙂
    As for gift wrapping – I am a cheapskate and sometimes use cookie cutters dipped in paint to decorate brown paper bags or brown paper rolls with – sad but so good at the same time!
    Happy Cyber Monday friend! xo

    1. Yeah! Best description you could’ve given these, Shashi! 🙂 You’re okay with sharing them?? I must make this recipe more irresistible and non-shareworthy stat! Haha. 😉 How’d you know I was shaking my head? J/k! Your gift-wrapping ideas are not sad at all! They sound absolutely adorable! Happy Monday, my dear! xo