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Coffee Talk 10: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! February 2019

Well, hello there! 🙂 How’s things? Did you enjoy/barely survive Valentine’s Day fervor? 😉 Since the last official holiday of February (as if there were like 100 hehe) is over, I thought it’d be a nice time to take a load off and catch up. Will you grab the fresh-baked cookies while I put on a pot of coffee? I’m so excited to take a break from the kitchen and chat with you.

Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to! Leave your updates in the comments below. You ready? Let’s do it!

Moving… So as you might already know, Erik and I are big movers. Alright, I just realized that “big movers” doesn’t really mean anything. Lol. Thing is, we’ve been moving what feels like nonstop since we met. We’ve been together for nearly 10 years, and in those 10 years, we’ve moved 10+ times. I know!!! It’s A LOT.

Thing is, we’ve gone through so many life changes, and so has my mom. We mainly moved time and time again to be near her, and to make sure that she would enter the new phase of her life alright (and hopefully smoothly). Now that she’s all settled in and an incredible/essential/wonderful part of my sister Jenny’s family, we feel good about moving on. For ourselves.

So Erik and I are looking at a couple cities all across America. If we had the time, energy and know-how to move internationally, you know we would! 😉 But, for now, we’re looking at smaller big cities in America. We’re thinking about cost of living, access to public transportation (as we’ve been car-free our entire adulthoods!), and warm, inviting people, with a sense of community.

We’re gonna start making trips to see some places soon!!! We’re beyond thrilled about this upcoming new phase of our lives. Boston/Massachusetts has been home on and off for many years for me, then for both of us. (I went to school at Mount Holyoke College.) It sometimes feels like we’ll always come back here, or perhaps back to California, where we both grew up… but for now, we’re heading somewhere new… perhaps with a tad less hustle and bustle.

And a little more time to get to know ourselves, and each other.

What are your thoughts on the best smaller big cities in America? Any suggestions as to where we should move? 🙂

Coffee Talk 9: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! February 2019

Movies/Date Nights… To put it frankly, Erik and I’ve been burnt out for ages and ages now. We kinda had an epiphany-type moment where we were like, we work too darn much! We were constantly making more and more excuses to cancel plans, then stay in to work. That was an unhealthy cycle that saw our moods suffer. So we did one big thing to commit to getting out of the house and into the world: we signed up for AMC Stubs A-List! Hehe! It’s this monthly membership to AMC movie theaters. We get to see up to 3 movies per week for one flat fee. It’s been working really well so far—it’s getting us out of the house, giving us a reason to go out for date nights and gussied up, and it’s been so much fun!

Do you have any activities or subscriptions/memberships to things to get you out of the house?

Blogpost Revamp… Since I discussed this topic in length last month, I wanted to check in and see how you’ve been liking everything. Have you noticed the new formatting of blogposts? I’m trying to strike a good balance between telling my stories/keeping things personal and providing helpful info in each post (like substitution notes, storage instructions, etc.).

What do you think so far?

A sneak peek for a new recipe!! Can you guess what it is?

Vegan Gluten Free Banana Bread Coffee Cake Recipe (V, GF): this moist ‘n healthy vegan banana coffee cake recipe is easy & gluten free, with streusel topping! #Vegan #Banana #CoffeeCake #GlutenFree #Healthy | Recipe at

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Woohoo!! Yep, I’m still excited about the prospect of moving… and all the new recipes that you’re loving! So how have things been on your end? What’s new with the fam? Work? Cats? Dogs? 😉 I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter ❤️

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  1. I’m partial of course, but I like the midwest! If you like snow then I suggest Minn or Wi. I live in a small lake side town of Delafield Wi…close enough to Milwaukee and all that big city excitement, but far enough away to appreciate the feel of a small town. I LOVE your blog!! I am guessing the new recipe is some type of cake or bar? It looks yummy what ever it is. I haven’t met a recipe on your site that I didn’t like!! Have fun searching for a new home!

    1. Hehe! Nothing wrong to being partial to where you love to live! 🙂 Phew on your vote for Minn or Wi. We were looking into Wi, too, but Minnesota is at the very top of our list. Thank you so much for your input, Patricia! Blog: Aw… I’m BLUSHING!! Comments like yours keep me going. ❤️ Great guess!! Answer coming soooo soon! 🙂

  2. There’s always…Canada! You’d love it here 🙂 I’m excited for your new chapter, Demeter, and looking forward to seeing where you end up!

    1. Hi Gwen!! Oh totally, we talked about Canada too… but didn’t know if we could handle moving to a different country right now. Lol. Thank you so much!!! Big hugs. 🙂

  3. Your blog always makes me smile. I appreciate both your openness and recipes!
    I used to live on Whidbey Island, which is an island in the Puget Sound just north of Seattle.
    It might be interesting for you guys to check out. It’s close enough to a big city, but also
    full of small villages/towns to explore. The south end of the island is made up of three main
    little towns, Clinton (where the ferry docks), Freeland, and Langley. It’s a beautiful area, with
    some of the most spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains, Mt. Reiner, and the Cascades.
    My hubby and I moved back to Northern California to be closer to family, but I’m really glad
    to have lived there. It’s got a good mix weather, but ultimately the winter was a bit chilly for me.
    I don’t this it’s anything like Boston, but I’m a sun lover. Okay, now that I’ve “talked” your ear off,
    I end with saying I wish you all the best in exploring your next homestead!

    1. Funny you should say that, because your comments always make *me* smile. 🙂 Thank you so much for your wonderful words, advice and continued kindness. Whidbey Island sounds amazing!! Truly like a fairytale spot. 🙂 I’m going to read your comment to Erik so we can discuss. I always enjoy hearing more tidbits about you, Heidi. Looking forward to both of us “talking” each other’s ears off next month. 😉

  4. My family has moved around a lot as well, though certainly not as much as you! Can’t wait to find out what this recipe is

  5. Good luck on your search, what an adventure!! . one “suggestion” . I have is St. George Utah, it’s a cute little town, but it’s staring to grow! And yes, I love your new blog formats! And that sneak peek looks DELISH, maybe it’s… coffee cake? Hehe. Have a great day!! .

    1. Hiya Palutena!! It’s always a joy to hear from you. .. Ooh, I love the sound of St. George! I’ll tell Erik about it. Also, WOOHOO on you liking my new blog formats. Phew!! Great guess. That’s all I’ll say. 😉 Have a wonderful day!! ❤️❤️

  6. A smaller city that I’ve visited and loved is Minneapolis. It has a ton of cool stuff on the food, art & architecture fronts. I found it very walkable, and explored some interesting neighborhoods. I didn’t have a chance to visit St.Paul, but that sounds good too. And people did seem a bit friendlier than they do in Boston/Cambridge, where I am now. Good luck finding a good fit!

    1. Okay, I’m LOVING your suggestion!!! It’s actually at the very top of our list. Everything that you mentioned is why we’ve been looking into it. 🙂 Thanks so much for your input & your well wishes, Amy. Big hugs!

      1. I second Minneapolis!!!!!!!! I lived there for my first nine years and it has everything!!!! We lived in a small neighborhood with big back yards and nature but the city was only a minute away. 🙂 Also, the saying Minnesota Nice is 100% true!!!

        If you want a small town feel near the Cities check out Winona… only a couple hours away from the Cities makes it great for daytripping! It also has amazing scenery and opportunities!

        I think the recipe is a coffee cake! Maybe oatmeal coffee cake? Looks delicious, no matter what! 🙂

      2. YEAH!!!!!! I’m loving hearing that! We’ve got it at the very top of our list, so fingers crossed! 🙂 I’m all about the sound of Minnesota Nice!!! Small town feel with a bit of city would be perfect! I’m gonna to tell Erik about Winona so we can look into it. (Does it have plenty of public transit?) Great guess!!!! Answer coming soon! Thanks for your input, Olivia. Hugs!!

  7. I love your blog, your recipes, and the way you share about your family. You are actually really funny, which is why if I go to one of your recipes, I will usually read all of it! In addition, I think you have the right combo of words to recipe to photo ratio!
    As far as a move–since you said you have been in Boston for a long time, but you grew up in California–I would say you would probably pick somewhere on the east coast–considering a cooler climate–maybe a smaller town with access to a larger city! My suggestion would be Austin–but that is neither east coast, nor cooler temps!
    Have fun planning–the perfect spot is waiting for you!

    1. Chefshel (Shel? .), thank you so much for your truly kind comment. It’s got me beaming, like BIG time. 🙂 Sometimes I get a little flak for not skipping a blogpost altogether and just putting the recipe up top… but I feel like that skips out on the experience of opening up and connecting with wonderful people like you. 🙂

      Oooh, Erik’s been telling me we should put Austin on the list. Although, I’m just a bit nervous about the heat (we’re both crabby patties when it’s hot lol). Thank you for stopping by & chatting with me. Big hugs!!

  8. This is a fun blog! Good luck on your search for a small/big city. It is hard to find a place with good public transportation. The recipe…baked oatmeal? or maybe some kind of coffee cake?

    1. Thanks Leslie! Yeah, we’re looking at a few places and hoping for the best. Great guesses!!! Answer soon! 🙂

    1. LOLOL!! YES!! We’ve become minimalist to the point that’s it’s hilarious (but not lol). Adding Atlanta (but leaning towards somewhere colder). Muah!

  9. It really depends on what you like — if warmer weather is important, the Southeast has it. I live in Boca Raton, FL and it’s gonna be 82° today. The beach is a mile from the house and it’s laid back and casual… Food for thought. Plus, you could be my neighbor and I could be one of your taste testers.

    1. Thank you so much for your input. 🙂 Woah, 82!!! I say this as I’m looking outside and there’s a fresh layer of snow everywhere. Lol. Oh, I’d love to have you as a neighbor and taste tester!! 😉

  10. I totally get the “Big Movers” thing. I have been in my current home the longest of anywhere I’ve ever lived except for one childhood home (of many). And, we are getting ready to move in a few months too – I’m so excited! I hope you find the perfect place in the perfect city!