Coffee Talk: February

Coffee Talk 19: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! February 2020

Coffee Talk 19: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! February 2020 | Post at
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Hello there! How’s your February going so far? I know… it’s been a while since I’ve checked in. Like, 3.75 months. Sheesh! It’s been too long. Did you miss me? I’ve certainly missed you.

We’ve got so much to catch up on & to chat about. What have you been up to since, erm, last October? Any new developments on your end? I can’t wait to hear all about it! Leave a comment below—you know I love hearing from you.

Me, my sister, Penny, our nephew, Dylan, and my sister, Monica! The best family pic I could take during our winter meetup. Could not get my mom, my other sister, Jenny, or Erik to get into this sucker! Lol.

Where I’ve Been… all right, so I’ve been here the whole entire time. You know because you’ve been seeing all the recipes. And then some. But things have been a bit hectic over here. Since the holidays, Erik and I’ve been trying and struggling to find a way to balance it all. Like, life, work, actually having a life while working, and planning for the future.

One thing we agreed on? We’ve got to organize our business, Beaming Baker, more so we have at least some time for ourselves. In the past few years, we’ve been getting into too deep of a groove where we work and then stop work, but think about work constantly. Remember how I told you that I’d wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, wondering if I made a mistake on this one recipe? Oh my… time to take a chill pill. I know.

So we’ve been working on organizing how Beaming Baker runs—you know, recipe writing, kitchen testing, photography, making sure we’re active on Instagram, etc.—while also taking deep breaths and making time to, uh, breathe. Oh, you know what I mean. 😉

We agreed to dial down the amount of work on the weekends and end most of our work days at 6:30pm. Sometimes it’s a struggle to resist the urge to do more. Ya know? Meanwhile, if you’re curious about what the typical day is like in the life of a food blogger, check out my 6 Things They Don’t Tell You When Starting a Food Blog. .

What do you find is the best way to find a work/life balance? What do you enjoy doing to dial down?

When we got back from a day of galavanting at the mall, we came back to this birthday surprise!!

Birthday Staycation at MOA. Did I tell you guys about how Erik and I went and stayed at the Mall of America for my birthday? Yes, that was ages ago. Lol. During last November. It was so much fun and we stayed at the JW Marriott. It was so fancy and sleek that I was whispering under my breath to Erik about when and how we were supposed to tip everyone. Lol. And how do you do it sleekly? Anyone remember that episode of Friends where Chandler can-not manage to tip someone slyly for the life of him, but somehow Richard could?

Anywho, the “staycation” was super fun because it took my mind off of my usual birthday grumps. Plus, we got to explore the mall after-hours, when it closed and just a few folks were wandering around, asking each other for directions like we were all lost in a new city on the Amazing Race.

We did so many fun things—rode a ton of rides at Nickelodeon Experience, ate all the veggie burgers at Burger Burger, spent an hour walking through the amazing sights at Sea Life, then harkened back to my good ol’ Dave & Buster’s days at Gameworks (basically the same thing).

Also, the folks at JW Marriott were so, so nice. Erik told them that it was my birthday and they did something super special. 🙂 One day, while we were out and about, we returned to the room and found a whole platter of chocolate covered strawberries & champagne on ice, with a birthday card (Trieu is my last name, in case you’re wondering.) It was all coordinated by this wonderful concierge named Ben. Shoutout to Ben! How sweet and thoughtful is that? 🙂

Have you ever made birthday plans to stay at a hotel in the same city you live in? Seriously, how much fun was it?

AM vs. PM workouts. What time do you work out? I used to ardently be a PM workout gal. In my younger years, it was a ton of fun to hit the gym after work, but before dinner, and going out with friends. Now I’m finding that if I don’t do a workout in the morning, I’m not doing one at all. So I switched to AM workouts. Woohoo!

I read this one health expert dude say that the only place for a workout is in the morning. Okay, obviously that is not true for everyone. But for me, once I put that sucker in first thing in the morning, I really started sticking to it. I’ve been going the gym 1st thing in the morning, consistently for 4 months. Now. Whoop!! I even made a little calendar with a “G” symbol on it so I don’t get discouraged if I miss a workout or two. If I can look back at that six-month calendar and see a whole bunch of G’s, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much and won’t give up.

What time do you like working out?

. A sneak peek for a new recipe!! Can you guess what it is? .

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Any big plans for March? How has February been treating you? I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to! Leave a comment below with your updates. It’s so wonderful to hear from you. Sending you great big hugs & well wishes for a fantastic March.

Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter  ❤️

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  1. Wow your staycation and birthday celebration sounded wonderful and I’ve never been to the mall of America so it really makes me want to come. I think having a work life balance is so important and some people need more downtime than others. I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor after losing 53 pounds and keeping it off for 12 years and for me working out in the morning has always been my jam I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor after losing 53 pounds and keeping it off for 12 years and for me working out in the morning has always been my jam. Over here in Colorado we’ve had way too much snow and February has kind of sucked so I took off for the four-day weekend with my daughter and her best friend to Galveston Texas to run on the beach and have some 60° days. Now it’s back to snow and cold but I’m hoping spring will come early. Hugs and high fives, Tina @Fit_tipsfromtina

    1. Thanks Tina!! You should totally make the trip out here. MOA is so much fun!! Work life balance: so, so true about some needing more downtime than others. I continue to be impressed by how you maintain a healthy lifestyle, Tina!! It’s wonderful to hear that you were able to take a break and enjoy the good weather in Texas! Sending you warm vibes and hopes for the spring to come soon!!! Xo, Demeter

  2. Hooray! Your birthday sounded like tons of fun! It’s good to hear from you again . Also i love the idea of the calendar with the G’s! Anyhow have a good February . . (can you believe it’s the seventeenth already!?)

    1. Hehe, thanks Palutena! You know I always love chatting with ya! 😉 The calendar with the G’s is like the only way I’ve been sticking to all of this gym attendance! Lol. Wishing you an amazing February! Btw, have you played Wind Waker yet??? It’s a MUST. Also, no I can’t believe it’s now the eighteenth already!! Like, it’s still 2019, riiiight? ….

      1. Nooo I haven’t played wind waker yet!! . I’ve heard it’s amazing though… It’s definitely on my bucket list . .

      1. I live in MN also! We have been snowmobiling this month and I took along many of the treats I made using your recipes!
        Love your recipes! I stay away from wheat when possible, it doesn’t agree with me, so I found many of your gluten free and vegan recipes to be just what I was looking for!
        Thank you.

      2. Oh wow! Small world, right? 🙂 Snowmobiling sounds like so much fun! How cool is it that you took along my recipes? . I’m so happy that you’re enjoying them. Thank you for stopping by and chatting with me, Renee!

  3. YES, I did miss you! I was “missing in action” also in November and December. I spent my November birthday with my Georgia family, then flew on to Hawaii to spend Thanksgiving & Christmas with my family from there. As far as “workouts”….no gym while I was traveling, but lots of walking. I do have a personal trainer two days a week and do yoga once a week when I’m at home. As far as March plans, I’m going on an over-nighter with 5 other girlfriends to St. Augustine, FL. Happy March to you and Erik!

    Much Aloha, Bonnie

    1. I MISSED you, Bonnie!! Oh my goodness, Christmas in Hawaii sounds like a dream! Have you heard Christmas in the Sand by Colbie Caillat? Kind of reminds me of that. 🙂 Sounds like you have a great workout routine! Erik and I wish you a fantastic, fun-filled time in St. Augustine!!! Warm hugs, Demeter

  4. Yes you were missed! Sounds like you needed a break though, so good for you on taking one!

    I celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary last Dec with a trip to Europe. We barely ever go anywhere so that was big for us. Had a great time but it was hard to come back to reality. Had a foot surgery and now I’m trying to get back to running again. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up here in Colorado.

    Thanks for all your great recipes!

    1. Aw… I missed you too, Tracy!! Oh wow—a 30th wedding anniversary trip to Europe? That sounds incredible!! Sounds like you both were due a nice big vacation. 🙂 🙂 Thinking good thoughts for you for a speedy recovery. .. Big hugs!!

  5. I totally get the work life balance issues. It used to be me! Honestly, when I decided that I was going to stop work when my husband gets home it was revolutionary! It’s hard sometimes, but it has been so good for me! I feel like because I work from home it’s hard to switch off as it’s always here, but closing my laptop down and saying that’s the end of the work day has helped a lot! I hope you guys can figure something out soon!

    1. Such a good idea to stop work once your husband gets home!! If only Erik didn’t work with me… lol. So true about just closing that laptop and saying “that’s it!!” I’ve got to learn from you. So happy that you’re finding a better balance, Annie!

  6. Sounds like it’s a good month so far! Loving the looks of all those tasty treats 🙂 Glad you’re having a fun winter!