Coffee Talk: Furniture, Email & My Mama!

Coffee Talk 17: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! September 2019

Hello, Friend! How is your September going so far? Are you ready for all the cozy, warm, fall-inspired treats, activities and more?

Fall is one of my very favorite seasons, and I’m so looking forward to sharing it with you. How about we grab a fresh cup of tea, some cookies and have a chat?

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to this month! Make sure to comment below & tell me how you’ve been doing. I truly love hearing from you. .

Without further ado, let’s get started! 🙂

Coffee Talk 17: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! September 2019 | Post at

Furnishing the Homestead… Erik and I’ve been searching high and low for cute—scratch that—super sophisticated and “cool” furniture for our new place. But then we realize we’re not that cool and we just want very, very comfy furniture and just dream about the super cool stuff instead. Heh heh. The absolutely beautiful chair above is one that we saw at Anthropologie at Mall of America. Isn’t it amazing?

I cut my hair… A LOT!! So remember when ages and ages ago I mentioned that I wanted to chop off a bunch of my hair? Well, it took me ages to get around to it…mainly because I cut my own hair. So the cut was dra-ma-tic. I mean, I cut off 8 inches of my hair down the back, and 4 inches off my bangs!! (I know, my so-called bangs were basically nonexistent at that point). Check it out below:

Coffee Talk 17: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! September 2019 | Post at

My hair got waaaay curlier once I chopped off all of that extra weight, as it were. Also, what do you think of my rug?? Isn’t it such a beautiful pattern? (Plus, way easier to hide food stains, etc. in lol.)

Issues with Email… For those of you signed up to the Beaming Baker email list, have you been experiencing any issues receiving emails from me? In the last few months, Erik and I’ve been getting emails from readers stating that they haven’t been receiving our emails. <– Ahhh, the irony!!!! We’d laugh if we weren’t busy crying. .

If you’ve been having trouble receiving the Beaming Baker emails… make sure to add me to your contacts list (aka add my email address). Make sure to check your spam folders. If my emails are in there, mark them as “Not Spam” and move them to the “Primary” tab if using Gmail to ensure you receive my emails. You know I love communicating with you.

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New Email Series… Speaking of email, how do y’all love receiving emails from Erik? He’s been crazy excited about getting to know you! Thank you to all the folks who’ve emailed Erik and given him a warm welcome. He can be a bit shy (then totally not shy when you get to know him… like he will not stop talking, perhaps like someone you know… *cough* me *cough*).

He’s having a ball of a time sharing his travel tips, and he’s super open to any new ideas/requests you might have for future posts.

And here’s just a super cute photo of my mama… because who doesn’t want to see such a sweet, beautiful face? 🙂 My sister, Jenny, took such a happy photo of her!

Coffee Talk 17: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! September 2019 | Post at

Let us know in the comments below about what topics you’d like Erik to write about. Travel, food, his thoughts on whether it’s “doughnuts” or “donuts” and more. 😉

Any Cruise Fans out there? We’re thinking about taking a cruise next year, but we don’t even know where to start! (Although some of you have made some wonderful suggestions.) Neither of us have ever gone on one before… but we’ve read a bit about cruise culture and how enthusiastic people are for it. Plus, my mom’s been begging us to take her on a cruise for ages!

Do you love to go on cruises? If so, which cruises do you recommend? Would you like to see us go on cruises and share about our experiences?

A sneak peek for a new recipe!! Can you guess what it is?

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Coffee Talk 17: a chance to catch up on the little things in life—both sweet and salty! September 2019 | Post at

What’s September been like for you? Any spectacular plans for apple picking, apple cider-making or apple crisp eating? (I had to go for the apple trifecta. …) I’m so excited to hear about what you’ve been up to!

Wishing you a wonderful September, full of love, happiness and sweet moments. ‘Til next time…

Sending you all my love and maybe even a dove, xo Demeter ❤️

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  1. Hey,

    I look forward to your coffee chats, and seeing bits of your new city and place. . Is it feeling like fall yet? I’m in Northern California and we are still having hot days but the nights are a bit nippy. I’m hesitating to say what I want to about cruises, so please don’t take this badly, but rather as just something to maybe think about? I was a travel agent for 20 years and cruises are one of the worst offenders of pollution and food waste around the world. The bigger lines are usually the worst. Small ships or barges can be much better, for example a Viking Cruise down the Danube river, or even rent a barge that you can captain yourself along the various canals in the UK and other European cities. If nothing else maybe try to research about the companies you are interested in. Okay, I hope that was okay to mention, I just have a feeling you’d be overwhelmed by the waste and how crowded it feels to disembark at various cities. Please let me know your thoughts on this, I really do mean this with kindness.

    1. Hey Heidi! Aw, thank you. 🙂 It’s always wonderful hearing from you! There are some days that feel like fall, but we’re currently in a bit of a humid heatwave (think: mid 80s & muggy). As for the cruises: thank you for your input. You’ve given me something to think about, for sure. I’ve never thought about captaining my own barge! Great idea. 🙂

  2. Ohmygosh for sure take a cruise – they’re so so fun! We love getting a group of our closest friends together and doing a group tip! Also your hair looks amazing!

  3. I am so jealous that you are in a place with fall! I grew up in Connecticut with real fall, lived in the Washington DC area for years with fake fall, and now on the west coast of Florida with no fall at all. Sighhh. But, enjoy it. I went on our first cruise kicking and screaming. But we went on a Crystal Cruise ship to Alaska and had a wonderful time! Really good food too. We made sure to sit at a table of 10 since we were traveling alone. That was a very smart move because we met some fabulous people whom we never would have met otherwise. And that was half the fun.

    1. Fake fall! lol. Love that, Alene! I spent a summer in DC, so I have no clue what their fake falls are like. 😉 Aww… too bad there’s no fall in Florida. Kicking & screaming?! Lol!! How cool is it that it ended up being such an amazing time! It’s great hearing that you got to meet so many wonderful people. What a great tip!

  4. Hi Demeter, You and Erik are to cute, and of course your mom too. Love the picture of your new chair, are you going to do a “whole house” reveal? Would love to see your other choices in decor. I live in FL so we’re not even thinking of fall yet, still having temps in the high 80’s, but pumpkin everything is starting to appear in coffee shops. And BTW your haircut is awesome.

    1. Hi Bonnie! You’re so sweet!! I would love to do a whole house reveal… but I’m not sure my decor is cute enough for all that! Lol. (Might need to call up some of my craft/lifestyle blogger friends haha.) Hope you get to enjoy the rest of that warm weather! P.S. Does it ever get super chilly in Florida?

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